Haunted Houses

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Fright Dome

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Quit your sniveling, or Leatherface will hear you. If you want to get out of this Texas house of horrors, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. One wrong turn and you may never be heard from again. Remember, the saw is family.
Isolation Haunted House - Fright Dome

Isolation Haunted House

Expect to go in by yourself. No guide. No group. No safety in numbers. Experience a maze of industrial corridors as you attempt to find your way out. Every dark corner hides lurking predators waiting to pounce on each solitary victim. Endless passages make each person prey in this shadowy game of cat and mouse. No one can save you. Don’t try using a safe word since the only way to end this is to make it through to the other side.

*Only for fast pass and VIP guided tour guests
Hillbilly Hell Offspring - Fright Dome

Hillbilly Hell Offspring

Inbred hillbilly offspring emerge from mines where their helm is located to hunt for their food. Enter the remote and isolated caverns where the offspring may or may not mistake you for their meal. Only you will decide if you enter deep within the caverns of Fright Dome.
Killer Clown 4-D - Fright Dome

Killer Clown 4-D

The Fright Dome clowns have taken back their house! Mind-blowing 4-D effects, glowing demonic clowns and more await you in this twisted play land.
Zombie Quarantine 2.0 - Fright Dome

Zombie Quarantine 2.0

Infected zombies have re-surfaced due to a new rare strain of virus and have been quarantined at Circus Circus again. This area has been created for your protection and is better than ever. Testing is underway on the zombies to determine the infection. Enter at your own risk.
Dead End - Fright Dome

Dead End

Take the unambiguous route to the center of a cursed trap in this labyrinth of a haunted house. Your journey through this elaborate weave of trickery will only end in a ritual sacrifice by deadly beings hiding everywhere in your path.

Scare Zones

Dead West Zone - Fright Dome

Dead West Zone

Rotting western cowboys challenge you to a standoff. Be on your guard since these no-good protectors of western massacres are known to stalk you and your posse.
Redrum Zone - Fright Dome

Redrum Zone

Do you think you are seeing double? Come find your evil doppelganger in this murderous zone. Terror waits around every turn as you come face to face with chainsaw-wielding maniacs and the towering Fright Dome twins. Do you dare?
Clown Overload Zone - Fright Dome

Clown Overload Zone

There is a resurgence of menacing clowns that are taking over this massive area. The clowns lurking in this dark and abandoned path are going to get you! Be afraid… Be VERY afraid! Here you have the dredges of humanity so repulsive; one look will churn your stomach.
Hyper Charged Zone - Fright Dome

Hyper Charged Zone

Hear the colors come alive with a multi-sensory production that will transform your senses. This zone will transport you on a journey where interactive performers, hatching beats, visual laser displays and special effects that will spark your energy.


All premium rides are included and ridden in the dark!

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Dan Sperry

Dan Sperry

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Academy of Villains

Academy of Villains

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