Haunted Houses


"13 years after the terrifying events that shut down the Egan Institute for the criminally insane, a team of investigative journalists returned to explore the hospital… never to be seen again. The abominable work of the meticulous surgeon turned psychopath has become a twisted legend. After performing twisted, experimental surgeries for years the surgeon had both hands severed off by family members of his victims hoping to end his reign of terror.

From the freezing temperatures of body lockers to the hellfire heat of a crematorium, “Insanitarium” is a sick journey of extreme sight, sounds and smells. Those who dare enter will find themselves acquainted with the rotting corpses of those who came before yet failed to survive all the while being hunted by the psychopath within now equipped with a circulating saw and machete in place of hands. The twists and turns unveil the surgically altered and most disturbed patients of the past.

The biggest obstacle in this house will be the recreated authentic morgue from pieces and parts transported from Norwich State Hospital by Egan’s team which will test your strength as you are locked within…."


"The future is desolate. Humanity is broken in this post-apocalyptic dead zone. A horde of tribal nomads rule this land. Will you join the rebels and battle your way back from this burned, bleak badlands or will your broken remains be found by those who follow you?"

The Dollhouse

"Don’t let their smiling faces fool you… something evil prowls the halls of this Victorian house. Lured in by the innocent exterior you’ll quickly find that something sinister is stirring. Have the children turned on their parents as legend tells or was it the dolls?"

Killer Clowns in 4-D

"Step right up and step into a twisted world where demonic Clowns run wild and free! This expanded experience encompasses 20 unique rooms with a menagerie of chaos. Clowns spare no trespasser, attacking all of your senses and feeding off of the chaos in this sinister carnival of neon."


"In the furthest depths of the theme park the undead are building their colony and growing stronger by the day… Do you dare enter their feeding ground?"


"The butcher has lost control and the animals or your nightmares are exacting their revenge. This seemingly innocent street side shop becomes the scene for the most bizarre by placing customers in a fight for their life against demonic animals that have taken control. No turn is safe as these nocturnal hunters search for prey… None are safe, not even the vegetarians."


All premium rides are included and ridden in the dark!

  • DISK'O

Scare Zones


All units… All units… the perimeter has been breached. The safest area in Fright Dome has been breached. Local law enforcement and safety personnel are fighting back the escaping flesh hungry prisoners.

Klown Havoc

No giggles and circus acts in this show… something wicked walks this way. Avoid eye contact as the evil closes in around you and stalks your every move taunting and delightfully mocking your fear.


New for 2015 Fright Dome will expand across The Adventuredome midway. Scare areas, sideshow acts, unique performers and more all alongside carnival games touting a range of unsettling prizes fill this premiering zone.

Extermination 13

Fright Dome's premier scare zone "Extermination 13" takes guests through our extermination protocol, featuring sense-altering lighting and atmospheric effects. Be careful how long you linger...ever since the chemical spill the area and its inhabitants have not been the same. Chainsaw-wielding demons have been known to dwell within alongside vacant clean-up crews. If you get too close....Extermination.

Club 13

Delight in a rave-like atmosphere and get your dance on alongside twisted EDM inspired monsters.