You thought there was safety in numbers. You thought you could hide behind your friends. You thought there'd be a guide to show you the way... but you're going through this one ALL ALONE. Based around the plot from the nightmare-evoking horror movie THE COLLECTION, this house will drop you in the middle of the villain's lair to escape on your own. Will you make it out or will you become the next victim in the Fright Dome collection?
You enter a stranger’s house... all seems normal until you realize HE is there and there is no way out. Find yourself trapped within the actual house from THE COLLECTOR as he hunts you turn by turn. Will you be able to escape? Can you save those trapped within?
Off to camp you go… a twisted, chainsaw-ridden camp that is. You made a wrong turn on your way to vacation into the desolate woods where killers await. These abandoned campgrounds were shut down over a decade ago but the current inhabitants are out for blood.
Back by popular demand after five years… the Fright Dome clowns have taken back their house! Mind-blowing 3-D effects, glowing demonic clowns and more await you in this twisted play land.
Infected zombies have been quarantined at Circus Circus. This area has been created to protect you. Testing is underway on the zombies to determine the infection. Enter at your own risk….
A combination of 13 scenes guaranteed to disgust and terrify. Vampires, raves, a prison and more…. Will you escape the 13 rooms of hell within this house or will the vampire queen make you one of her new prisoners?

A heart pounding, nail-biting, edge of your seat, 4-D haunted experience in our FX Theater. Just when you thought it was safe to sit and watch a movie.

Terror waits around every turn as you come face to face with chainsaw wielding maniacs and the towering Fright Dome twins. Do you dare?
Ghostly Victorians mingle as you join their masquerade ball, but be careful not to wake them from the dead. They have been known to massacre intruders….
Be afraid.… Be VERY afraid.… The clowns lurking in this dark, abandoned carnival are going to get you.
The Fright Dome military has waged a war on escaped crazed zombies, but you’ll quickly realize who is winning….

All premium rides are included!

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